Black Girl Lost

from by Avatar the Articulate

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your the air i breath on believe ma, make my degrees warm far out like clingons a knock out without a thing on, with dungarees on a mean thong, you make a theme song that genuine sang for kells, your nothing son would rather bang on the L, we rather scream out and yell, let the world hear no make up superb hair, the break up was served here, i knew you was cheating, i was at nuyorican called up and heard heavy breathing, at first i wasnt believing but every evening you were decieving, you was the reason for the word why every time, i told you yous a dime you was my dear how precious and so rare i verbalized but you didnt care, evidently the gentry said its elementry, im meant for you but see you wasnt for me, not in this century, it bent me cause there should a throne for us, but for now thats a whole different zone for us, word

where am I focused, everything i do is still its nill null and void boy its ill, like troy i go to war for my void to fill, for real i try to chill and avoid the spill, but im a lover not a fighter, a brother thats a writer i read, fill my pipe up lay back, flick the lighter and blow, from the bong playing some slow songs so long i played the man on the side, but when you slid i had to swallow my pride, we had to sneak out and hide you was mine for years now i had to beg for your time? thats dead i forge ahead life aint a straight road, its twists and turns for your go, you gotta burn for you know, never the less i wonder though how lifes treating a ho, thats just my anger talking dont you know i think of you often? atlantic city trips pretty and the hyatt in boston, loves lost and i found another that i can smother, i tried to make her take your place but i really dont love her, i cant run brother i reminisce on when i was younger your in my double helix i can't clean it like felix unger, im in my porsche, with my cross and im crossed, black girl lost

i could flow for eons, colder than freon when i shine like neon, from new york to beyond dont battle but get my free on, im thee don but might get a little lonely when tenderoni's they only want to hold me but they just dont know me, there phony but could be real but i dont feel what they feel, unless they feeling they own tits and ass its real, i make em veal and pasta meals with lobster some sinatra, though im not a mobster i clock paper proper cake like fry hoffer cream like carvel and keep trees like i got a cartel, but its only the l.e.m. pen gems and send to my friends, my ex girl she be living in sin she shaves her pussy and gives it to men orgasms lather her chin, i had to let the ho go but it troubled me so, she moves like the city lights with a neon glow, faster than express trains it would pain her to slow, she spends nights in bars hard liquor gets in to cars, music is loud, dress short thats just her style, a crowded time square street full of losers and freaks thats where we met but now she just moves to the beat.


from it was bitten, released April 2, 2012



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Avatar the Articulate New York

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