If I Ruled The World

from by Avatar the Articulate

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Imagine getting Baked in the states without the Jakes taping your plates, No papers just vapors no waste, no smoke no carcinogens, no chemical waste, that companies put in tobacco keep us strapped to the taste, no base heads no Feds, won't be no crime cause there's no money, Holodecks Simulate sex, so theres no monkeys, no rape, no gas on interstates only solar power, showers go straight to toilet tanks, no doctors that misdiagnose just to bill, no frills everybody chill, no Jong ill, no nukes no troops, no dictators to kill, no education gap crap, that we instantly fill, no bpa in plastic, hard dills, with no blue pills, no bills, its food for everyone no reason to steal, thats real, its just some thoughts for your mind frame, if i ruled the world no rappers would get plaques just to rhyme lame

Now if I ruled the world I prolly really wouldn't rule it, I would just lie back with a sack and mint jewlips, have it all computed, citizens could choose what the futures root is, its better than, being controlled by a few thats suited, business decisions, fucking up the system, i puff the ism, and hold my head, when im dead, what up what with my children, lets make a better place for them to live in, no BP, and exxon fucking up rivers and our fishing, open your eyes to the lies histories told foul, when drug companies kill and never get no trial, cars took alcohol, till prohibition made us switch to oil, for fourteen years and theres the biggest trick of all, make college free, and all knowledge free, no virus, no violence, fuck all them old policies, id use science to remove the wool that keeps the people blinded, talk only facts if its not that then keep quiet, star trek whips, phase out the planes, underwater trains, powered by magnets kinda strange, it sounds foul but every bank exec could go downtown, lock em up in attica and feed children in africa


from it was bitten, released April 2, 2012



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Avatar the Articulate New York

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