Street Dreams

from by Avatar the Articulate

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I get a perfect portion of pussy or more than that a plethora, quarterback ecetera fantasy. Leauge pleasurer, president and treasurer, evidence exhibitor, phallus is wetted up in a palace with hefner sluts. I rhyme ill for every analogy, I kill don't try to battle me, I'm ill in the ville or the millitary academy, upstate new York hawked, product was taking off boss, I had to skate shooting at Jake, state troopers up north, with a jewled up cross and some nubucks on, hoes go where did your roof go, it just flew the, and holding gats never made cat snitches and rats yap, they spending all they energy tryna get revenge at me, I got the tendency like pac to cop hennesey, cops remember me bustin shots at the lieutenants jeep, somebody said to me that sweet dreams are made of these, 88 landcruisers and 190 e's, mumia dreams of, walking the streets being free why you costing us time talking your rhymes on cd nigga?

I shoot it up like stackhouse gats clapping in the crack house, get your macs out its time to black out when I rap bout the drug game let me explain shorties exclaim this thugs name Renee and naynay come by to play when its my pay day to re up, Im g'd up, I try to act hard like ray j, but we nut and after that its back to counting racks and packing sacks, sluts we fuck.then get the crack to the crackhouse collect bucks, delux burners pull em out just to earn a reputation. For the vet yore facing, at twelve. Paces left the shells.laying by my laces on the pavement crime enslavement then you find my nine by braces, say shit I place clips like bomb squads, jump starting cars real thugs with no bodyguards, trees is blowing don't give a fuck if d's are showing, detectives get the tech from the kid, guns.up.suns up shooting every mother fucker brothers suffer as I'm plucking em off with my 9, 45 rpm rounds. Per Minute needle spins evil sins timber in a cathedral puffing lye, went through a crack odessy a lot of racks and bodies by constantly aching, shells rattle the pavement, battle. Brave shit kiss the dice and shake it, Cartier bracelet, 38 by my waist hip. Cause I rock best my glock don't rest from here to lockness, ciroc no chris, hold a knot so fresh, one in your chest in your vest, cops test arresting me's. Not your destiny rocks infest the street made.out of crack and rap recipes, that av guy makes the caps fly don't mess with he, I rest with heat like I sleep in jacuzzi's or a sauna split your armor hit ya with the uzi in your parka my clips move ya to the parlor bruise you hit your mama then I spark a spliff of ganja I sip a beck's eject a round that's the way I put it down, at night time you hear the sound, bitches I mow down its so profound how the hoes pound so.bro I blow the town not like Monica, light niggas up like menorahs on hannakah pass the skama ta the last assassin want drama that ass im blasting


from it was bitten, released April 2, 2012



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Avatar the Articulate New York

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