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It was a murder jakes just hit the corner I was in the sauna riviera in, I had to grin cause I'm not a goner, shorty was scared I just said here, have some majaruana, mirrors everywhere just made the glare of my diamonds stronger, it's time I rhymed like this, shine on em with the finest wit, you pissed? I don't have time for kids, your hood the one that hides the clit, but I'm presiding and it's live so come and ride with this, i light a spliff and find chick, we at Fridays with heinekens, up north of course, it ain't no waffle house you find us in, we at the ihop or juniors, man you know what time it is, luminaries that's very, scary, puffin on the berries, on the kush niggas govern shit, Rick perry republicans, try to win, I got it locked like, rasterfArian melons I'm dwelling on the darkside

it justifies, lies actually it couldnt, if your speaking truth it wouldnt be couth, couped in a wooden, cockpit, my glockspit glockenspeil, weild, ringing bells you heel, im real deal, never reveal squeal, got the codes from the ancient, aramaiec spit whats arachaic, sound the alarm, charm i display it, early natives, that was sedated, i spit the renovation, presentations that of a fat cat, wit rap liasons,
I backtrack from back wit reagan, he had me making crack packs for blacks but id rather backsmack a pagan, i got a stake in it like van helsing, you raping its, caught in a tale spin, it was frail thin you breaking it, i put a vape in it, no combustion when im hustlin, just percussion thats crushing, if they bust in we flushing, and the realest will feel me, don corneilus and whitney houston, group them up amongst the dead im busting lead, die shooting.


from it was bitten, released April 2, 2012



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Avatar the Articulate New York

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