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They wanna see you fail they hopeing you hit in a hail of bullets, your train to be derailed the preacher to wail up at your pulpit, you never pictured it sadly, co workers be wishing you badly, hating on avie hopeing you crash your Benz up while touching the navi, then wanna get with your girl, wanna scream rape, you gotta watch them bitches too, it's just from seeing your place, they dumb they save the cum when you skeet on they face, be on your papes your the reason they conversate of late, and worst part is, it. Be my heart and my friends, they wanna a bark at lem see him disembark with his gems, never knew it was you id wanna stomp with my timbs then, cooler heads prevailed, more to loose than jewels, fools, packing tools, bumping ready to die as i cruise, biggie had to loose, LAPD clap us enroute, what if tupac shakur never went to rap for them dudes, rap superstars killed no trail, no pursuit, just a reminder when you leave your label better chill with fatal outlaw players that pop cops that try to slay you, CEO's could go, blow poles that try to play who?, me what? you love my shit nigga

the most vulgar, lathery cum pon the vulva leaver, quick to pull the heater, throwing gem stars and swinging cleavers, hemming up spots, you not much for me to speak of, really how ima sound dissing a bunch of weakness, faster than preakness, and u wonder why the industry hits they own artists, become targets, then they sell at target, its all for profit and it isnt hard to see like spotnik, biggie and pac made bread dead and mrs. wallace is getting jerked, afeni selling tupac shirts, and amarau headphones, no xanadu redbones, just clones and homes at graveyards with tomb stones,
alhough, big and pac were friends, shots would end the trend, diddy and pac rocked on stage but bullets sprayed then, niggas in prison told him big was out to get him, was he paranoid and trippin? boys, shot you in chair limpin, now you gotta comeback hard or appear simpin, hit em up who shot ya, got the hood liste1ning, while he stood kicking some man at that casino, his own man, new the camera captured the whole scene so, alibis set, hes covered when you get wet, then get biggie hit for kicks just to cover all bets, and what if biggie was with diddy that time, instead of shyne and jlo, would they have different lawyers or would the loyal stay true, so fuck a deal i dont feel like doing shit that they do, labels look out for number one, and that aint you, no matter the praise and pretty colors they paint you, they hate you since grade school, mad cause they went to tradescool, i made you, im fucking deep you in the wade pool. (bitch)


from it was bitten, released April 2, 2012



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Avatar the Articulate New York

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